Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Best Method to Get Economical Auto Shipping Rates

It is a common believe among people that the popular car transport companies always set high car shipping rates for their services. It may be true but there are various things that if you do, you can bring the car shipping rates to an affordable level. For that, you will need to understand the car shipping rates and the way to deal while hiring the auto shipping services. The car shipping rates vary company to company. However, basic factors determining the rates are same everywhere. If you want to transport car at the desired vehicle shipping rates, the follow the upcoming tips:

Choose Open Car Carriers

The car shipping rates heavily depend on the type of car carriers you choose for transporting your vehicle. The vehicle shipping charges for enclosed car carriers are very high as compared to that of open car carriers. Considering the company is professional and high profile, you must not bother about it, as professional auto shippers always value the assets of their customers. Thus, you must choose the open way of transporting vehicle.

Choose Terminal to Terminal Vehicle Shipping Services

The auto shipping companies offer two types of services i.e. door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal services. The car shipping rates for door-to-door services are not affordable for many people as the company charges for extra fuel and effort. Thus, you must adopt for terminal-to-terminal services. Although, you will need to pick the vehicle at a terminal point but the car shipping rates will be less.

No Need for Securing the Shipment

It has been seen that mostly people get their vehicle insured for securing their shipment. When you are hiring a high profile company for transporting your vehicle, you must not get vehicle shipping insurance because a professional company will always ship your vehicle carefully. There are many other reasons why you should not get insurance such as the vehicle carriers that you choose for transporting your vehicle are always insured which also covers your car. Thus, if your vehicle goes through any accidental damage during the shipment process, you will still be able to claim the insurance. You must not get insurance as your own car insurance covers all type of accidental damages. Thus, do not get your vehicle shipment insured and ask the auto shipper not to include the charges in agreement.

Eliminate Unwanted Services

The car shipping companies offer extra services such as online monitoring services that are useless. You must ask the company to eliminate the charges.

Thus, by doing all the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to ship your vehicle at the most economical shipping rates. 


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