Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Reliable Car Shipping Services at Economical Rates

Many people hire car shippers to help them to move their cars from one place to another. There are too many auto-shipping companies due to which finding professional and reliable auto shippers has become very difficult. In addition, there are many fake car shippers too that lure the people by showing many advantages of hiring their car shipping company. 

Determine the Reliability

In order to avoid fake car shippers and to hire professional car shippers, following are the main things that you should consider at the time of hiring a car shipper:
  • Make sure that the company is legal and holds an authorized license.
  • Determining the legality of the company is not enough. Make sure that the auto shipper is capable of shipping the car. In order to determine the capabilities, make sure that the company is equipped with secured auto carriers.
  • Moreover, hire a company, which offers shipping insurance.
  • Hire a company that has well trained and skilled staff.
Pricing of Car Shipping Services

Different auto shipping companies have different vehicle shipping rates. The auto shipping rates vary company to company. However, there are numerous factors involved in determining the vehicle shipping rates too. Therefore, if you are looking to transport your car from one place to another, then you must know that how vehicle shipping rates are priced. 

There are three factors involved in pricing the vehicle shipping rates i.e. type of vehicle shipping services, distance, and type of car.
  • Services: The main thing that determines the car vehicle shipping rates is the type of services you are availing for your car shipment. The vehicle shipping rates for open vehicle shipping services are less than enclosed shipping services.
  • Insurance: In case you get a car shipping insurance, then the additional charges will be included too.
  • Distance: Distance is another factor that affects the car shipping rates too. Longer the distance, higher will be the vehicle shipping rates.
  • Weight: Weight of the car is another factor, which determines the vehicle shipping rates.
Use Internet

There are many ways through which you can hire reliable services of a professional company.  The internet has become the main tool which can help you to locate the best services at economical service charges. With the help of internet, you will be able to explore the sites of various companies which will allow you to read the reviews of experienced customers. In addition, you can get free quote from the websites of transporters which will allow you to find the economical services.


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